Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I realized that it might be helpful to provide a reading list here for those curious to follow me in the learning process that's behind this blog. So, here that is:

'It's My Ovaries, Stupid!' is a good book to start with.

John Guillebaud's 'The Pill and other hormonal contraceptives' is also a good basic read, if a little outdated. Read his wife's introduction too - it's interesting to compare their outlooks!

Elaine Tyler May's 'America and the Pill' is great and thorough with fascinating interviews with 'regular' women.

Miranda Grey's 'The Optimized Woman' - I have loaned this out three times and then bought it again it's so popular.

'The Pill- Are You Sure It's For You?' Alexander Pope and Jane Bennett - great list of books/sources of info in this one.

'In Our Control' from Laura Eldridge follows her personal journey as well as providing a ton of important information.

Susan Rako's 'No More Periods?' - also CEMCOR's website for supporting research and articles. The topic of hormonal contraception is inextricably linked with menstruation so it's also worth reading books about the industry built around menstrual shame - like 'The Curse' by Karen Houppert.

Barbara Seaman's 'The Doctor's Case Against the Pill' and 'The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women.' Of the same era - Elizabeth Draper's 'Birth Control in the Modern World.'

Barbara Ehrenreich's 'For Her Own Good' and 'Remaking Love' are more general on women's health rights and oppression, but brilliant.


  1. Do you have a PDF of the JPG flyer posted? It comes up when you click it, but it's really small. I'd love to promote this!

  2. There is also "Coming Off the Pill" by Megan Lalonde and Geraldine Matus, as a resource for women wanting to discontinue hormonal contraception.