Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Less stressed, thinner and more interested in sex."

'Off the Pill, Off the Magazines.'

I've written another guest post for re:Cycling - the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research's blog. It is a great source of information and alternative opinions regarding periods, the Pill and body politics in general.

As you'll see, the title quote comes from a doctor responding to the question - how would I be different if I hadn't taken the Pill for the last ten years?

In my own experience coming off the Pill made me swap celebrity news and diet tips for the New Yorker and the Atlantic. On the Pill, these magazines were cheering; off the Pill they are either boring or depressing. When I was on the Pill I was always looking for something outside of myself to make me feel better and for answers as to why I felt so low and anxious. I had thought it was down to my life lacking in comparison to those celebrated in the magazines. I didn't consider it might be to do with the birth control I was using. On the Pill I couldn't concentrate or think clearly enough to enjoy an essay, now I will tear through an issue of them in a day. And then turn around and try to write my own.

Update: I will soon be posting here on the latest developments on Yaz - an FDA appraisal, the revelation of industry ties - which I am currently working on for a women's activist website. In the meantime, it has been discovered that the pharmaceutical company behind Yaz - Bayer - paid the women's magazine Allure to include a feature advocating Yaz in one of its issues in the first months of the drug's release. I don't think I'm a conspiracy theorist for suggesting that if they paid Allure, they probably paid other magazines too. I distinctly remember seeing Yaz mentioned in UK women's magazines which don't even hold direct-to-consumer drug adverts.

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  1. Hi! I switched from pills to the Today Sponge because it's a Hormone Free alternative and worked great during nursing!