Thursday, September 3, 2009

Julie Burchill was right

Here's some mind-twisting research for you:

Strippers on the pill make a lot less money. Strippers generally make around $70 an hour in tips when they are at peak fertility in their hormone cycle - in other words, when they are ovulating. The rest of the time they make an average of $50 an hour, except when they're menstruating - then it's $35 an hour. Strippers on the pill average $37 in tips an hour across the month, compared to the $57 average of a stripper not on the pill.

When the pill was launched in 1960 feminists believed it would liberate women, allowing them to enjoy hassle-free sex without the worry of getting pregnant. Many feminists still believe that today. Through the rise in STDs, through HIV, through lowering libidos, they've kept on believing.

I think many of us would agree that behind the pill's popularity there are a lot of women giving in to the idea, whether for themselves or their boyfriends/husbands that using a condom makes the whole experience significantly less enjoyable. I'm not sure this is true, or just one of those myths perpetuated by women's magazines. I think we should air that out, reexamine that thought.

The mind-twisting research not only illustrates the pill's insiduous, pervasive effect on your body, it's also useful as a small reminder of the necessity for reevaluation.

We can say, from this research, that the pill makes you potentially less attractive to men. Now, I'm not saying a side effect of unattractiveness should be considered anywhere near as urgent as panic attacks, paranoia or, dare I say it, blood clots. But there are all sorts of subtle, varied reasons each woman on the pill keeps taking it, and I think this research could help us reconsider our rationilisation.

I took Yasmin because I was told it would help me lose weight and get beautiful skin.

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